Personal Financial Solutions

Just as Old Mutual provides specialised product and staff benefit solutions to your business, we also cater to your personal investment and risk requirements.

So, once you have finished structuring your business portfolio, consider the following products and services Old Mutual offers to individuals.

By structuring a personal investment portfolio from Old Mutual's spread of flexible investment and service solutions you can rest assured that the financial future of you and your loved ones is in good hands.

Financial Planning and Advice

Old Mutual offers planning and advisory services to help you structure a financial portfolio to suit your investment and retirement planning needs.

Education Planning

The costs of education are becoming prohibitive. The average education cycle from start to finish is around 15 years. Add to this books, uniforms and accommodation costs, and you will see the sense in structuring an education savings plan.

Estate Planning

If you own assets and debts you need to ensure that you have your estate in order. Proper estate planning takes into account tax efficiency and liquidity in the event of your death. Proper estate planning means the difference between your dependants being cared for after your death and having to fend for themselves while your estate is being wound up.

Funeral Cover

The death of a loved one is a traumatic enough event without having to be burdened with costly and time-consuming funeral arrangements. Ensure that you take out one of Old Mutual’s funeral plans and free your family from added concerns during what is already a difficult time.

Insurance (short-term)

In an environment of escalating inflationary pressures and the accompanying rising costs of living, nobody can afford the replacement costs of having their house burgled or car stolen. Get peace-of-mind by investing in your financial security with a short-term insurance product.

Investments and Savings

Expose your capital to the potential for market-related growth and ensure that you have enough funds available for both unanticipated emergencies and long-term goals such as a comfortable retirement. Old Mutual offers a comprehensive range of investment and savings vehicles that offer you the option of investing for growth or investing for income.

Our range of investment products takes into account your personal taxation, liquidity and estate planning needs.

Retirement Planning

Proper retirement planning is probably the single most important aspect of your financial portfolio. Firstly you need to ensure that you invest a significant portion of your retirement funding in a tax-efficient retirement annuity or fund.

Then, on retirement, you want to know that you can buy an income generating living or life annuity that is flexible enough to suit your personal post-retirement income requirements.

Risk Cover

Most of us have the good fortune to make it to old age without having the tragedy of a disability or an untimely death that disrupts the family. However, should misfortune befall you it can dramatically impact on the financial and emotional well-being of your loved ones.

Remove this potential threat by taking out risk insurance with
Old Mutual.

Financial Adviser

Your financial adviser or broker should be seen as your partner for life. This is why you need to choose one carefully. The financial adviser or broker needs to thoroughly understand your investment requirements as well as your current financial situation. Here are some tips on how to get the right financial advice when structuring your financial plan and investment portfolio.