Unit Trusts

Old Mutual Unit Trusts has a wide selection of funds designed to meet a variety of investment and savings needs.

Unit Trusts are an affordable and tax-efficient way to access stock markets. Simply put, a pool of investors’ money is used to invest in financial instruments such as equities and bonds. This pool is then divided into equal units where each unit contains the same proportion of assets in the fund. Investors then share in the fund's gains, losses, income and expenses.

The wide variety of unit trusts means that they are an ideal way to build up a well-diversified investment portfolio tailored to meet your specific needs, risk profile and investment requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility: you can tailor a unit trust portfolio to suit your specific investment needs and time horizon.
  • You can buy them through a financial adviser.
  • Access to the stock exchange without needing knowledge or experience of investing in equities.
  • Diversification: the ability to spread your investment across market sectors and economies greatly reduces your investment risk.
  • Cost efficiency.
  • Access to Old Mutual Investment Group's international investment expertise.
  • High liquidity: they are great for emergency savings as you are not tied in and can access the money at any time.
  • Unit trusts are tax-efficient providing interest income tax exemptions and tax-free dividends.
  • Exciting capital growth opportunities over the medium- to long-term.

Investment Term

There is no contractual term and you may sell your investment at any time. However it is recommended that you view your unit trust portfolio as a medium- to long-term investment, in order to get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Investment Minimums

The investment minimums for unit trusts vary from fund to fund.

  • Lump sum: from N$3 000 – N$25 000
  • Scheduled: from N$250

Fees & Charges

These values vary according to the amount invested and the category of fund in which you want to invest. Please consult the fund fact sheets for details.

  • Initial charge: includes commission and is deducted prior to the purchase of units. If you invest a lump sum of N$5 000 or more your initial fee is waived.
  • Annual Service Fee: calculated on the market value of the fund's assets (excluding income and permissible deductions) and deducted from the portfolio monthly.


Unit trusts incur income but current tax exemptions apply. You are responsible for the tax administration.

Income Tax

Interest income is taxed (exemptions apply) but your dividends are tax-exempt.


Your unit trust investments are 100% liquid and you may access them at any time. If you action a sell, the money will be deposited into your bank account within two working days.


You own the investment.

Additional information

For additional information on our offering, please download the unit trust brochure.

How to Invest

Contact an adviser.