Our Clients

What we offer clients

We believe money is meaningful only if it enables you to live the life you want. We have designed our whole business to help you manage and grow your wealth. Tailor the level of access you need to our industry-leading experts and match them to the solutions best suited to your needs. No matter how complex your portfolio, our single- plan, single- view philosophy empowers you to take control of your finances and own your plan like never before.

Meaningful advice

Turning your aspirations into reality starts when you understand what wealth really means to you. Our financial planners help you gain a clear understanding of where your finances are currently at and what you need to do to achieve your aspirations – both for yourself and the next generation. Your unique wealth strategy takes all your hopes and dreams into consideration to make sure you have one, holistic plan. Your plan is a living plan that always remains relevant and that is adjusted as your circumstances change.

Integrated solutions to make it happen

The best plan is meaningless if you don’t implement it. Map your solutions seamlessly from your plan, or choose the best solutions for your needs from our full range of investment vehicles and fiduciary solutions. Our experts design and manage our strategy funds with your required return in mind, so you are more likely to achieve success. We are committed to your financial well-being: our fees are completely transparent and are based on your total wealth portfolio. In short, our solutions are designed with your wealth in mind.

Confidence in your success

True wealth means complete trust that you can live the life and leave the legacy you want. Whether you consult with your financial planner or choose to view your progress online, you always enjoy an integrated view of your wealth portfolio mapped to your goals. No matter how complex your portfolio is, we provide the expertise you need to ensure your wealth is always well managed, ready to help you achieve great things.

If you are ready to experience true wealth, speak to your financial planner, call us directly at 061 299 3999 or send an email to service@omwealth.com.na