Your Wealth Journey

A financial plan should speak to all facets of your life. That’s why we believe in Integrated Wealth Planning. It shifts the focus from planning for your money to planning for you, the person.

In our experience, traditional planning often falls short of expectations because ideal financial planning outcomes were never defined, leaving the client feeling disappointed when they are unable to achieve their desired lifestyle. At Old Mutual Wealth, we believe our advice-led planning approach can help you maximise your portfolio and achieve your goals and aspirations.

It works as follows:

Identify goals based on your lifestyle

This sounds simple, but the ability to identify your dreams and desires across all the areas of your life often requires a detailed discussion, conducted by a skilled coach. Our financial planners are skilled in this art and can facilitate this process, identifying your key goals and helping you understand the financial consequences of these ambitions.

Devise strategies to achieve your goals and explore trade-offs

Our financial planning tools model the options, or strategies, available to achieve your goals and illustrate the consequences of your financial decisions. Your financial planner can guide you and show you where you may need to make certain adjustments or choices. Throughout this process you are empowered to understand the consequences of your decisions and to own your financial plan like never before.

Implement your strategy

The best strategy is meaningless if it is not implemented correctly and effectively. Our business has been built to ensure that your goals can be directly linked to appropriate investment strategies. These strategies are carefully tailored to meet your unique lifestyle and financial needs. The outcome: A greater likelihood of achieving investment success and peace of mind.

Regular reviews to ensure you stay on course

Your financial plan is a blueprint for your financial journey. It should show you where you are going (your goals) and how far you’ve come (your progress). Over time, as your life changes, your plan will also change. Our financial planning process allows for such changes without losing sight of your goals.

Speak to your financial planner to start your Wealth journey. If you do not have one, let us help you find an appropriate planner for you. Contact us at 061 299 3999 or send an email to

At Old Mutual Wealth, we are very selective about the financial planners we do business with, and are fully confident of the integrity and quality of our financial planners. Would you like to find a reputable planner to help you create a plan for your future? Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with one in your area.