We are
Old Mutual
A premium African financial services
group that offers financial solutions
to retail and corporate customers.

Our history

Old Mutual was established in Cape Town in 1845 as South Africa's first mutual life insurance company, offering financial security in uncertain times. Our purpose is to help our customers thrive by enabling them to achieve their lifetime financial goals, while investing their funds in ways that will create a positive future for them, their families, their communities and the broader society.

In this way, we significantly contribute to improving the lives of our customers and their communities while ensuring a sustainable future for our business. We now employ more than 30 000 people and operate in 14 countries across two regions: Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and Eswatini), Asia (China).

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What we offer

Old Mutual Namibia provides financial solutions to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, corporates and institutions.

Save & Protect

Innovative life assurance-based product solutions, addressing both protection and savings needs, as well as short-term insurance solutions through Old Mutual Short-Term Insurance (OMSIC).

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Growing our customers’ savings and wealth, whether through active and direct asset management through the Old Mutual Investment Group or the selection of funds for customers to invest in through multi-managers.

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How we do business

We're committed to delivering products and services while being wholly committed to good governance.

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