Old Mutual Namibia Executive Committee and Board Members

Old Mutual prides itself in the quality of leaders we have. They lead with honesty and integrity – putting the interests of the customer first. Their aim is to do great things every day for our customers.
Our Executive Committee
  • Tassius Chigariro, Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Tyrone van Wyk, CEO: OMIGNAM
  • Lionel Kannemeyer, Retail Executive
  • Holger Oberprieler, Operations Executive
  • Gail van Wyk, Corporate Governance Executive
  • Patricia Olivier, Corporate CEO
  • Brigitte Weichert, Chief Financial Officer
  • Riaan Vermeulen, MD Short-term Insurance
  • Ndangi Katoma, Marketing, Communication and Customer Strategy Executive
  • Otto Makemba, Old Mutual Finance Executive
  • Steven Vries, Acting Human Capital Executive
Our People