Why we're transforming

We are passionate about transforming the way we think and do business – as individuals and as a group. This includes a commitment to embracing the concepts of diversity, change and innovation.
How we are doing itHere are some initiatives that we've taken to transform the company.On Affirmative Action

Old Mutual adheres to a strict policy of Affirmative Action and practices targeted recruitment in order to redress the imbalances caused by past discrimination.

And, we believe, that existing talent, combined with training programmes offered by Old Mutual and other South African businesses, enables us to maintain high standards throughout the transformation process.

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On managing diversity

The diversity management team run a series of Diversity workshops as well as dialogue sessions on an ongoing basis. They target staff across the organization from the Managing Director down and aim to:

  • Make us aware that we all have preconceived ideas and assumptions about other cultures and designated groups – especially in terms of competencies.
  • Recognise and respect different worldviews and skills.
  • Accept that all people are equal and entitled to fair treatment and respect.
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