Our community,
our responsibility
Helping communities in which we operate succeed.

Corporate responsibility

We are committed to operating in a responsible manner, making decisions that take into account the impact of our business on those around us. The Old Mutual Foundation serves as the company’s primary vehicle to deliver on its economic and social transformation vision for Namibia.
How we make a difference

For decades we have played a key role in the Namibian community through the provision of financial services and our involvement in community and empowerment projects. Social and economic transformation is integral parts of our strategy. We have put great effort into bridging the income distribution divide. We do so as part of a collective effort between government and the private sector.

How we give back
Old Mutual Foundation

Through the Old Mutual Foundation - our corporate social investment vehicle funded by a 1% of after-tax profit allocation annually – we have delivered a wide range of social initiatives throughout Namibia, illustrating our commitment towards the development of the communities in which we operate.. Key objectives of the Old Mutual Foundation include:

  • To develop and maintain an effective social empowerment programme
  • To create opportunities for skills development (for Namibians)
  • To promote sustainable development (in Namibian communities)

How we give back
Focus AreasThe Foundation endeavours to deliver our corporate social responsibility (CSR) contribution in the focus areas aligned to the Old Mutual Limited Social Responsibility Framework. We undertake to make a lasting impact at a community and societal level in the areas of education and skills, financial well-being and community development.A child caught in a downpour smiles and extends his arms up.TALK TO USNeed more information? Please contact Old Mutual Namibia