Old Mutual Women’s Summit

The Old Mutual Women’s Summit is a platform created to advance women and their role in society. Since its inception in 2011, the event has been inviting powerful women as guest speakers to share their stories in leadership with pioneering women in Namibia. As Old Mutual, we are proud to be represented by women who make up 58% of our full-time employees as the current generation of leaders at Old Mutual is making sure that we are preparing the next generation to take over leadership.
Women’s E- Summit 2020

Adapting to changing circumstances and rising to new challenges is something we at Old Mutual have been doing for 100 years in Namibia and 175 years as a Pan African brand. 2020 was a year in which challenging circumstances brought about new opportunities in the form of an e-Summit.

The 2020 Women’s e-Summit was moderated by Afra Schimming-Chase as she was joined by panellists Taimu Itembu, who works in Public and Government Affairs at ExxonMobil; Karen Powell, a Creativity and Prosperity coach; and Zenzi Awases, a Geologist and founding president of the Women in Mining Association of Namibia (WIMA)

The keynote speaker was renowned global economist and bestselling author, Dr. Dambisa Moyo, who encouraged women to come well-prepared to the party, to be receptive of constructive criticism, to have the temerity to rise above rejection, and to get to know their skillset better than anybody else. “You can transform your life and invest in yourself in such a way that can help not just yourself and your community, but the whole continent, to change the narrative.”

4 women on a stage at a conference
Women’s Summit Partners

In 2017, Old Mutual partnered with Greenfolk and Leading Edge Management Consultants to offer a fresh and revised concept through the Effective Female Leadership Programme.

The organising team consists of (left to right) Nangula Shejavali, Co-Founder, Leading Edge Management Consultancy; Isaki Lungu, Co-Founder, Greenfolk Management Consultancy; Claudette Nahum, Co-Founder, Leading Edge Management Consultancy and Mauriza Fredericks, Manager: Communications and Social Responsibility, Old Mutual.

Women's Summit partners consisting of four people three women and one man