What is Retirement Fund & Investments?

As an employer you want to be able to offer your employees the best in retirement and risk benefit solutions. Old Mutual offers you this through Orion. We also offer an investment portfolio for retirement funds that targets returns and reduces volatility giving clients the best of both worlds.
What is Orion?

Orion is a registered umbrella retirement and risk benefit solution that offers you, the employer, a simple way to provide retirement and insured benefits to your employees.

An umbrella fund is a single retirement fund to which multiple employers belong. Cost benefits arise from economies of scale, risk pooling, etc. It also simplifies the management of retirement benefits for an employer.

Retirement Fund and Investments
What is Absolute Growth Portfolios?

Old Mutual Absolute Growth Portfolios are smooth bonus investment vehicles that have been specifically designed for retirement funds.

The portfolios offer target returns in excess of inflation over rolling 3-year periods and significantly reduce the volatility associated with market-linked investments.

Retirement Fund & Investments