What are Retirement Solutions?

There are two parts to every retirement journey: the time leading up to the day of retirement, and the retirement period itself. Old Mutual looks at making both easy and enjoyable.
Changing jobs?

It's always tempting to dip into your retirement savings when you change jobs but the key to keeping on the retirement track is to preserve what you've saved. You can do that by transferring your retirement savings to Old Mutual Protektor Preservation Fund.

Protektor offers a pension fund and a provident fund preservation option, which makes it possible to transfer benefits tax free from an employer fund.

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Nearing retirement?

As you near retirement you'll have to consider the important choices you will need to make with your retirement investments.

To make it easier members of the Old Mutual Namibia Orion and Protektor retirement funds can seamlessly transfer their savings to Fund Select Annuity, a pre-packaged annuity product.

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Pension payment options

OptiSelect is a retirement annuity product that provides you with regular pension payments in exchange for a lump sum payment or once-off investment.

You can invest your retirement savings in any one or a combination of options for example, a guaranteed monthly pension payment or a guaranteed monthly pension payment that increases with annual bonuses.

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