Pick the perfect partnerWe often seek professional help be it medical or mechanical.
Why should financial planning be any different.
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What is Financial Advice?

When you start to invest remember that it is your hard-earned money you are investing and your future that you are planning towards. It often makes sense to consult an investment professional or adviser. While certain products are available for direct purchase you will find that many require you to use an adviser. By using an adviser you will ensure that your investment portfolio is comprised of the best mix of products to suit your circumstances.
What to look for in an adviser
  • Trust and integrity - referrals from people you know and trust are a good way of selecting a financial adviser. Alternatively look for an adviser that has a good track record
  • Support - look for a financial adviser that has access to a range of specialist support services that you might need, for example, tax planning
  • Advice, analysis and products - the role of a financial adviser is to assist you to analyse your personal circumstances, recommend products and compile a financial plan to help achieve your goals. An annual review is a must
  • Objectivity - each person has a unique set of financial needs, and what is right for one person is not necessarily right for another

Watch for information on:

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What is the advice process?
  • In the first meeting you define your financial goals, your current and future income and capital requirements
  • You will need to share information such as your budget, additional sources of income such as rental or investment income, debts, your Will, your assets and liabilities, business involvements
  • Your adviser will provide you with a comprehensive needs analysis which highlight gaps in your current planning and ways to address them
  • Your adviser will introduce you to a selection of products that will suit your needs and risk appetite and provide a full breakdown of all the benefits and drawbacks of each product
  • You now have a financial plan that sets out your objectives and goals, and an action plan for achieving those goals
  • You need to review your financial plan at least once a year and when your circumstances change
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Need to know more? Have a look at some of the frequently asked questions below.
  • Yes, it would be a good idea to have the following documentation on hand:

    • Your Will
    • Marriage certificate and contract
    • Salary slip or income statement
    • A record of all income streams
    • All policy and investment documentation (and any recent correspondence)
    • A balance sheet detailing your assets and outstanding liabilities, including any business assets or liabilities
    • A copy of your current pension/provident fund statement, and any other corporate benefits
  • Financial advisers - Old Mutual has a dedicated team of advisers who are trained and accredited to offer you expert advice backed by the experience of Old Mutual's investment professionals. Their training includes:

    • Extensive initial training
    • Periodic refresher courses
    • Access to extensive in-house resources including specialist advice on legal and tax issues
    • Access to in-house research and advanced financial software

    Bank brokers are brokers at a bank or similar financial institution who will be able to offer financial planning advice and sell a range of products for which they are accredited to sell.

    Independent brokers - An Independent Broker is a broker who is not employed or affiliated to any one financial services or life assurance company.

    An Independent Broker is in a position to provide you with financial advice and offer you a range of products from a number of different financial institutions provided they have contracts in place.

    Always ask to see their formal credentials before engaging the services of an Independent Broker.