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What are unit trusts?

Unit trusts offer an easy, convenient and affordable way to invest in shares and other asset classes. There are many types of unit trusts that are designed to offer investors a range of different benefits, depending on their particular needs. These can range from long-term growth to funds that give the investor regular income. Unit trusts are made up of more than one investment so the portfolio manager can make decisions to buy assets that are performing well, and to sell under-performing assets in order to meet the investment objectives. The wide variety of unit trusts means that they are an ideal way to build up a well-diversified investment portfolio tailored to meet your specific needs, risk profile and investment requirements.
What's in it for you?
  • You can tailor your unit trust portfolio to suit your specific investment needs and time horizon
  • Monthly investments start from N$250 and lump sum (once-off investments) from N$3 000 – N$25 000
  • The ability to diversify your investment greatly reduces your investment risk
  • There is no contractual term and you may sell your investment at any time (we do recommend that you view your unit trust portfolio as a medium to long-term investment)
  • Unit trusts are tax-efficient providing interest income tax exemptions and tax free dividends
  • Exciting capital growth opportunities over the medium- to long-term

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What funds are available?

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    • Your unit trust investments are 100% liquid and you can access them at any time. If you action a sell request, the money will be deposited into your bank account within two working days.
    • The interest income is taxable but exemptions apply while your dividends are not taxed.

    • Old Mutual Investment Group portfolio managers.

    • Fees and charges vary according to the amount invested and the category of the fund in which you want to invest. All the details are on the fund fact sheets.

      You can expect to pay an initial charge (if you invest less than N$5 000) which includes commission as well as an annual service fee.

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