No two people
are the same
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Personal cover built around your life

We know no two people are the same, that's why we believe you should be able to choose cover that's right for you and not someone else. Introducing personal cover from Old Mutual that's built around your life and whatever your future brings. You only pay for the cover you need and what you can afford with the option to change it when your life changes.
The time is now for personal cover that’s just for youWe know there's nobody like you, that's why we think you should be able to choose the cover that's right for you, your people and your world. Introducing personal cover that's built around your life and whatever your tomorrow brings.OMP - Personal CoverPersonal cover options

Our range of insurance options cater for all your personal cover needs.

Life insurance

We know that while we may have similar needs we are not all the same. With Old Mutual's Life insurance you get to select and pay only for the benefits you want safe in the knowledge that you can always remove these if your needs change. You also get to enjoy peace of mind that if anything should happen to you, your loved ones will be financially taken care of.

Funeral insuranceBig or small, the size of your family doesn't matter because Old Mutual’s Funeral insurance lets you cover up to 22 family members and an unlimited number of dependent children. And because no two families are the same, you choose who to cover and how to customise your cover by adding any extra benefits you need. You choose and only pay for what you need.Disability insurance

Old Mutual's Disability insurance pays out a tax-free single amount or monthly payments (depending on the type of cover you choose) if you are impaired, unable to work, or can't take care of yourself due to illness or injury. And because no two people are the same, you get to choose the type of cover you need and add on extra benefits and features.

OMP - Personal Cover - Disability insurance
Illness insurance

Rehabilitation costs, travel expenses to treatment centres, modifications to your home or car and day-to-day expenses can be astronomical while trying to recover from a severe illness such as cancer, a heart attack or stroke. Severe Illness insurance alleviates that financial strain by paying out a single amount that you can use to cover these costs. You can customise your cover by adding and paying for a number of benefits.

OMP - Personal Cover - Severe Illness insurance
Retrenchment insurance

Your income is your greatest asset. Losing it can have a devastating effect on you, your family and your standard of living. Retrenchment insurance provides a monthly tax-free payment for up to six months, twice over the lifetime of your policy, when you are retrenched to help you take care of your family and cover some of your ongoing expenses.

OMP - Personal Cover - Retrenchment insurance
Future insurance

Your insurance needs are very likely to change over time and you may need to buy additional insurance in the future. If your health changes though, you may not get the cover you need. Future insurance helps by enabling you to bank your current health so that you can use it in future to buy life insurance without going for medical tests. Enrich your cover by adding on Disability or Illness insurance.

OMP - Personal Cover - Future insurance
Why choose Old Mutual's personal cover?Because while it's designed for people, it's built for you.
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