Preservation is keyThe future version of you will thank you for preserving your retirement savings.
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What is Protektor Preservation Fund?

The Protektor Preservation Fund offers specially designed preservation options should you resign from an employer, and become entitled to pension and/or provident fund benefits.
What's in it for you?
  • You keep your retirement plan on track
  • You keep your options open - although you should do everything you can to keep your retirement savings intact, we understand that sometimes you need access to cash. You are allowed one withdrawal after joining Protektor, except where the rules of your transferring fund do not allow this
  • The transfer of benefits from an employer fund is tax free

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    Want to know more about Protektor?Take a look at the frequently asked questions below:
    • You can choose to retire on any date after your 55th birthday.

    • You can have one-third of your savings. At least two-thirds must be used to purchase a different type of annuity that will provide you with a regular income once you've retired.
    • Speak to your financial adviser or give us a call us on +264 (0) 61 299 3999 and we'll help you invest.